Benefits of wearing a Satin Undercap

Cotton undercaps, which is what many Hijabis wear, can damage your hair in many ways. They can cause hair dryness, hair breakage and cause a receding hairline. 

Looking after hair should be really important for every girl! As a Hijabi I understand that it is difficult to take good care of hair. To get nice, silky and smooth hair it is essential that you wear a Satin Undercap! We only use 100% premium Satin in all of our Hijab caps! Many customers have reported the benefits of what the caps have done for them! 

Below are some benefits of wearing a Satin Undercap:

- Supports the hair line

- Prevents hair breakage

- Keeps hair fresher for longer

- Prevents scalp irritation 

- Reduces headaches 


Our caps are amazing! We have sold over 2000 Satin Undercaps since we started this business! We have two different designs to cater for our customers needs and wishes. 

If you need any assistance then feel free to send us a message on Instagram! 


Many thanks, 


Team Opulent x  

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