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Instant Satin Silk Hijab - Pearl

Instant Satin Silk Hijab - Pearl

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An Instant Hijab is super easy to wear! Just flip it over and pin it down whichever way you want! This particular Hijab is perfect for special occasions and gifting!

* Equal length of Hijab on either side of the Satin Cap

* Attached Hijab is long and wide enough to be styled in many ways

* Has a Luxury Satin Cap which includes tie backs, meaning you can secure the cap to your preference

* Satin Cap is fully satin lined - protects your hair line too!


Our Satin Caps are known to -  

* Promote healthy hair

* Prevent hair breakage

* Support hair line growth 

* Lock in hair moisture 

* Keep hair fresher for longer 

* Prevent scalp irritation 

Shipping & Returns

We do not offer returns/exchanges.


Abaya is one size and depends on height

Care Instructions

- Satin caps, hand wash only

- Embellished abaya, hand wash only

- Plain Nida material/butterfly abaya, machine washable

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